And so it begins

Sitting here, listening to one of Stephen Fry’s Podgrams (he’s ranting about idiocy in administration and, it would appear, shooting people in the face), it is clear Fry can be a very interesting man; he certainly seems to be able to express an opinion in an erudite and somewhat dramatic matter. He’s fun, and can be extraordinarily witty. But, somehow, there seems to be something missing. It is, I feel, his lack of self editing that comes from his not writing the content first. He’s evidently a man of words, and his thoughts work better in the written medium.

And so, on that rather pointless note, this blog begins. With a ramble about a man I don’t know and how I’m not sure I like this off the cuff presentation of his – seemingly increasingly scatological – thoughts. Will this blog be the same? I very much think so, but then I don’t have the same intellect or wisdom or capacity for knowledge as Fry.

Even though, in essence, this is publishing into a vacuum, there is a feeling that it ought to be done properly, with something at least half useful to say. However, this is no more than the first step through the creaking door of an unknown and apparently empty house, so it is merely a statement of intent.

I’ll see what I can do.