A challenge to change – letting go

People describe me as laid back, someone who takes this in his stride. And that’s true. I’ve certainly done a line in appearing unflustered. Throughout my life I have had quite some success with an apparent lack of effort, a certain ability to get right result without breaking a sweat.

I guess I’ve been lucky.

But I’ve also made my own luck to. My decisions have played to my strengths and I have relied on a mixture of self belief and a fear of failure to push me on – that knowledge that one had been bestowed with a little talent and the shame of squandering it before those who have invested.

There was a brief time when I thought the luck had run out, when I’d reached the limits of ability. However, what that time really told me was I can be resilient, even when bricking it about the future. Most of all, I learned that I spend too much time having to have things just so.

I admit it: I’m a control freak. I have to have things my way. But, right now, I live in times of change and changing me – freeing up my prejudices – must be an option at the very least. I must relinquish some control in order to gain more.

Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis.


A new old post – bye bye posterous

So, I’ve recently learned that posterous is on its way out. The consensus seems to be that Twitter, having bought it last year, hasn’t been able to get it to make the case against Tumblr and so has used the acquisition as a soft landing for the developers. Fair enough; that’s business.

For me, that means that my little corner of posterous will soon be confined to history. I can preserve it as a zip file, and other sites (wordpress, I guess) will, unlike the three little pigs, let me in. I was hardly prolific there (though compared to here, my output was up there with the potboiler master, novel-a-year Dick Francis – his son was a teacher at my school).

So, I’m back, at the first place I started my mini venture into sharing thoughts into the void. I’ve created bucket loads of internet white noise on that Twitter. I’ll divert my occasional longer thoughts (for they are few) back here.