A resolution for 2011

I sit here listening to the music of my youth: James. It’s New Year’s Eve, and we’re making food and all in the kitchen. The sorrow of reflection on the past and uncertainty of the future to come is back. It’s not unusual for me to feel like this at this time of year – the Christmas break usually creates some calm with a sense of planning for next year’s activities, but NYE always has a sad edge.

I have never been one for resolutions. Instead, I find action comes through evolution, and I understand its place only as I look back. As the years accumulate, the sense that something needs to be done, something that will wrap the memories of old age in a warmth of some achievement, grow stronger. And, at the cusp of another changing year, the same is here. I need to do stuff. Small things are small victories, and are just as valid as big things. The joy of these achievements may wane over time, but it never ceases altogether.

So, without wishing to set myself challenges that I cannot fulfil, I’ll keep it simple. In 2011, I resolve to Be Happy.

May your heart be wide open, may your mind set you free. James, Manchester.


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